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Eastland helps you feel at home with a customer service staff that speaks over a dozen languages.

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Eastland helps grow your business by finding the highest quality Asian food products available for your customers. Be known for great products, and keep them coming with Eastland as your distribution partner.



Convenient, Reliable Service—Year Round


Our dedicated transportation fleet delivers authentic, top quality Southeast Asian products reliably throughout the year. With Eastland, it’s never been easier to receive premium Southeast Asian products at great prices.



Merchandising and Product Selection Assistance From Day One


Eastland helps its customers by providing merchandising and product advice upon request. Our friendly customer service staff will help you choose great products for your store, even if you aren’t sure which to carry.


Golden Mountain

Golden Mountain is the leading manufacturer of sauces in Thailand, and is widely recognized for manufacturing the world’s premier Seasoning Sauce. Golden Mountain also produced the first ever Sriracha Panich, which continues to be the gold standard for the industry. Eastland Food also carries Golden Mountain oyster sauce and distilled vinegar, also top-of-the-line condiments produced by Golden Mountain.

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