World Class Brands

Below are just a few of the vendors that we partner with to provide the best of Asia to our customers. Please contact one of our sales representatives to learn more about the products we carry.

asianbest1Asian Best brand

Rice, Canned Vegetable and Tropical Fruit products

Asian Best is a premier line of traditional, high-quality products sourced from all across Southeast Asia. The label carries a wide variety of products such as Jasmine rice, stir fry mixed vegetables, sliced ginger, spring roll wrappers, canned fruit, and much more. 


Curry Pastes, Soups and Sauces

Maesri offers a line of authentic, all-natural Thai curry pastes, instant soups, and sauces that are considered the best in Thailand. All of their products are preservative-free and contain no artificial colors or flavors. 


Indonesian Instant Noodle

Indomie is one of the world’s most popular instant noodles and a world-leader in instant Mi Goreng. Eastland Food carries a variety of different Indomie flavors, all of which offer exceptional taste and quality. All Indomie instant noodles and Mi Goreng is certified Halal. 

Golden Mountaingolden-mountain1

Seasoning Sauces & Condiments

Golden Mountain is the leading manufacturer of sauces in Thailand, and is widely recognized for manufacturing the world’s premier Seasoning Sauce. Golden Mountain also produced the first ever Sriracha Panich, which continues to be the gold standard for the industry. Eastland Food also carries Golden Mountain oyster sauce and distilled vinegar, also top-of-the-line condiments produced by Golden Mountain.


Tropical Juices and Green Teas

TropiKing is widely recognized for its all-natural fruit juice drinks which contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. TropiKing’s Tropical Fruit drink line is made from real fruits and are both refreshing and delicious.  


Coconut Juice and Milk

CocoKing is a manufacturer of coconut products selected from the highest-quality coconuts in Thailand, and includes an assortment of coconut water flavors, all of which are packed with electrolytes and refreshing to drink. Regular and roasted coconut flavors are available, as well as coconut milk and cream powder for cooking.  


Jasmine Rice and Banana Leaves

Vera premium Jasmine rice is well known within the Hispanic community for its fragrant aroma and taste. It offers a mild flavor that tastes delicious with a variety of sauces. Vera also offers top-quality banana leaves for cooking. 


Energy Drink

Carabao is Thailand’s highest selling non-carbonated energy drink. It delivers high energy and great taste in either a can or a bottle.  

Smiling Fish  pumpui

Canned seafood

The Smiling Fish offers a variety of succulent flavors for seafood lovers, and includes canned seafood packed with chili, spices, tomato sauce and other flavorful sauces. The Smiling Fish also carries a variety of snacks, including great tasting deep-fried clams. 


Rice Bran Oil

King is a rice bran oil with a high smoke point, making it perfect for deep-frying, baking, and in salad dressings. It is made from non-GMO rice with zero trans fats, preservatives, or synthetic antioxidants. It is both halal and kosher certified. 


Frozen Seafood Ball

Kaizen’s frozen seafood balls are low in saturated fat and packed with flavor. They’re also a great source of protein.  


Rice Cookers, Water Heaters, Mugs

Tiger manufactures exceptional kitchen and home appliances as well as a wide variety of other durable, high-end utility products. Rice cookers, water heaters, stainless vacuum mugs and thermal food/soup storage are just a few of the products that Eastland has in stock in the Tiger brand.